Exhibitor FAQs

Check here for answers to all you questions.

How can non-Republic of Ireland Exhibitors reclaim VAT on their stand cost?
Non Republic of Ireland Exhibitors are not charged VAT on their stand once we are in receipt of your VAT number before we process your booking. Your VAT number will be printed on our invoice.
How do I book a stand?
Stand Space at Showcase is extremely limited at this stage. For Showcase direct all stand booking enquiries to John Hick - Group Sales Manager. email: john.hick@showcaseireland.com telephone: +353 1 295 8185
What is the difference between space only and shell scheme stands?
If you book a space only stand that is all you get “the space”. If you book a shell stand this will include the walls, a minimum of 2 spotlights (1 spotlight per 6 sq m), carpet and fascia panels.
Where can I find my stand number?
Your stand number is located on your booking form. If you have misplaced your booking form your stand number is also available in the exhibitor lists on the shows website.
When can I set up my shell scheme stand?
On Saturday 19th January from 8am – 8pm.
When wil my shell scheme be ready?
Shell scheme displays are ready for exhibitors from Saturday the 19th January at 8am. If you have any queries on the shell scheme specifications please call our office on 01-2958181
How many walls do I get with my shell scheme?
The amount of divider walls you get depends on where your stand is located. All shell stands get a back wall and partition walls are only provided to sub-divide stands. If you have any question regarding your shell scheme please contact us on 01-2958181
What kind of walls are used on the stands?
Please refer directly to your exhibitor manual, where your stand is explained on Page 3.
What is the height of the stand?
• Height – Floor to top of fascia 2.5m. Floor to underside of fascia 2.43m. • Walling – Wall panels are 2.5m x 1m wide (nominal) painted white and framed with aluminium upright posts either side and 70mm rails top to bottom. For internal measurements please refer to your Exhibitor Manual.
Can I change the walls?
Any walls required on any frontage must be arranged with your shell scheme contractor and will be charged for. If you want to change your walls you should contact WDisplay on +353 (0)1 456 1044.
Can I put things on the wall, what can I use to stick them on the wall and do I have to take them down?
Displays can be attached by use of double sided tape, Velcro or pads. No alterations to the shell scheme will be permitted without prior agreement with WDisplays. All exhibitor material should be removed from walls, fascia counters, lockable and unlockable storage areas as soon as possible after the show closes.
How many spotlights do I have on my stand?
Shell stands get 1 spotlight per 6 sq m with a minimum of 2.
Are there any restrictions regarding the use of construction material?
Please refer to your Exhibitor Manual for further details on this.
Does a space only stand include the carpet?
At Showcase Ireland – yes.
What colour is the carpet?
To be confirmed.
When can the stands be dismantled?
All exhibits and displays to be removed on the Wednesday 23rd January between 4pm-9pm
How many stand executive/exhibitor name badges do I receive?
A reasonable amount of Exhibitor badges is supplied depending on stand size. Please complete the executive name badge form which is included in your exhibitor manual.
Where/when do I receive my exhibitor badges?
Exhibitor Badges can be collected in the organisers office at the venue from Saturday 19th at 12 noon.