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20–23 January 2019RDS, Dublin, Ireland

Showcase Awards

We have an exciting Showcase Awards Programme at Showcase designed to encourage exhibitors to bring more new products to the show, to recognise excellence and to honour the highest standards of craftsmanship and innovation:

  1. Best Product Awards (open to all exhibitors) which is judged by our guest curators
  2. Design & Crafts Council of Ireland Craftsmanship Award (open to DCCOI members only)
  3. Local Enterprise Showcase Awards (For exhibitors supported by Local Enterprise Offices)

1. Best Products Awards

Our guest curators will nominate Best Product in each of the categories Jewellery, Knitwear, Home, Gift, Design Island, with Overall Best Product of the Show award being agreed between the curators.

The curators may also nominate a number of Highly Commended products in these categories as they see fit.  All of the nominated products will be clearly identified and promoted in the special display areas throughout the show.  Exhibitors do not have to make any separate entry for these awards: those already selected directly by the curators will automatically be considered for Best Product Awards.

Winners will receive the award at the show. Time to be advised.

2. Design & Crafts Council of Ireland Craftsmanship & Innovation Award

This award promotes the ‘cutting edge’ of creative development in the crafts. Work being assessed is not simply evaluated for its own individual worth or competence, but is judged against the highest standard available.  It is open to all exhibitors who are members of the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland. There is no need to make a formal application. All registered DCCOI members at the show will be considered for the award. The panel of judges is drawn from craft and design third level colleges.

The winner will receive the award at the show. Time to be advised.

3. Local Enterprise showcase awards

These awards are given to exhibitors supported by LEOs. The purpose of the awards is to encourage and reward high standards in product design and quality, presentation and promotion. This award is all about promoting high standards in design and presentation on the stand, in the collateral as well as the product. Winners receive a special award as part of the Showcase Awards programme. They are featured in show publicity and on the Showcase website. All LEO exhibitors are automatically entered into this award. Judges from an independent panel will visit each stand on Sunday morning and the winner and two highly commended awards will be announced that day.

The Winners will receive their award on the first day of the show, presentation will be  by the Minister for Jobs, Mary Mitchell O'Connor.

The overall winner of the Local Enterprise Showcase Awards will receive;

  • The opportunity to showcase their products in the Window of the Kilkenny Shop  for a minimum of one week (Kilkenny Shop Window on Nassau St, Dublin.)
  • The Opportunity to pitch their product to the Kilkenny Shop buyer
  • Trophy
  • Framed Parchment

The two runners up will receive

  • Trophy
  • Framed Parchment

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